Thursday, July 06, 2006

The car of the future...20 years ago.

There is an absolutely rediculous 80's ad for corvettes to have a look at. It is fantastically trendy and oh so 1984...lasers, an astronaut driving, bad singers, and even glowy lines and computery sounds as the car drives into a Tron like tunnel...I guess the corvette was the most modern car out there at the time. It's good for a giggle or two.
And to think in the late 80s I was driving a 78 Pinto wagon at the time - brown with fake wood and no cool side roundy windows on my model. It was ugly as hell, but a good car ...I guess I just wasn't ready for all the future had in store for me!

Slow day...but tomorrow is my day off. Now that the wedding is over I'm gonna get my hair cut off all elven again. Yipee!


Magnus said...

That's an add that screams desperation. Usually adds are 30 seconds at most - even back then - but this one just goes on and on and on. (like never before)

Geosomin said...

I reading this over I can't believe I atually typed the word yipee...