The Geek was not amused

I started painting my back door and the back stairs to the basement last night. I've been waiting until the window I built was put in to start. I primed everything last night and put on the first coat of orange. It'll probably take 7 or 8 coats as it's an obscenely dark shade (we used it on an accent wall in the back door area) and the paint has a clear paint base and shows through anything, but I got's something I can do every night until it's done. It may take all summer at the rate I go, but hey. It'll look cool when it's done. I'll post a picture and everything.

The point of my mentioning all this is, when I finished painting for the night I never thought to block off the area from the cats and lo and behold later that night I noticed there were little foot prints on the wood floor in the basement. I had to find the purpetrator (Geek) and wash his paws and then the floor - he was not a fan of the wet paws. Luckily it wasn't everywhere and the footprints came off.
Very cute.
Now there's a book shelf moved in front ofthe hall to the steps to keep them out. This morning both cats were already scheming at how to get over it-no doubt Geek will use his jedi powers to get over it somehow. Can't keep that cat out of anything...


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