Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Frank, Narayana and Camping, Oh My!

Well, what to say?

Prodigy we hardly knew ye. I was listening to Fat of the Land this morning on my way to work and it is such a good album. So good infact that it made their much anticipated album release a while back seem incredibly mediocre and bland. Granted it's hard to follow up an album full of great music, but their new album is...well, forgettable. No real originality, it is undermixed and quite repetitive, with a real lack of originality and energy that was in their other album. I guess I just expected too much. Sometimes, like the Propellor Heads, it is better a group make one kickass album and then wander off into obscurity. Wandering back into the music scene with a halfhearted sequel is a sad thing.

I've been a bit of a vegetable of late, but I love it. After the wedding insanity of the past month it is very nice to just do the bare minimum for a few days and relax a bit. I finally got to see Donny Darko and I have to say I liked it. The bunny Frank really did creep me out, but I really liked the fact that everything wasn't explained. It was interesting a creative and I liked the whole idea behind the film. I've always had a mild fascination with schizophrenia and I love thigns that can't quite be explained. I like to think that there are things and laws that we just don't understand and I like it that way. It was interesting to see the politics in the movie though...made in 2001 with politics of the late 90's in's funny how things change. The only thing that bugged me about the film was the character played by Drew Barrymore...she seemed a bit overdone and like Drew beefed up the role to be in it (I noticed she was a producer). She wasn't bad or just seemed to me that a lot of things she did didn't really move the plot along...but hey, good movie overall. I'm glad there are still original films being made.

Now that wedding stuff is over, I have a new focus. We're slowly getting ready for a big camping trip next week, in a valley by a river, with a few thousand other people. Yup, for the third year in a row I'm excited to say we are going to Motion Notion - 3 stages of some of the best electronic music spun by some of the best DJs from all over the world spun LIVE for 3 days...I can't wait - techno, funk, psytrance, breaks, ambient, you name'll be spun there. There's something to be said for dancing you butt off in the middle of a green valley. The people are always super friendly and it's a great time to visit and reconnect with a few of our old friends we haven't seen for ages. Plus it's camping in a valley by a river and a nice beach. So after shoppiing last night for the next week I'll be making a tonne of muffins, granola bars and tofu corndogs and we have tonnes of fruit and pudding too. I realised yesterday it is a week today until we leave and we have to get our stuff together and ready. I'm trying to be more organized in planning when it comes to camping...being stuck in the middle of nowhere and needing something is a PITA. At least there is a burger vendor and a coffee vendor by the mainstage should I just get desperate for some actual cooked food or forget something. Last year I forgot (of all thigns) my jacket and it was cold at night. So this year I'm breaking down and making a list (can one be spontaneous and organized at the same time?). Plus, as long as J doesn't have to be back right away for a possible job interview we might even stay at West Ed for a night afterwards in a theme room. We can't really afford it, but the more and more we talk about it a good soak in a big giant hot tub after 3 days of camping and dancing seems like a great thing. I guess we'll see how things are next week.

And so, life goes on. For the most part, other than the odd kick in the teeth, it is pretty good.
That being said, I must go off and live it now. Bye.


Magnus said...

So is Motion Notion anything like Sparklemotion?

Geosomin said...

I don't know. I've never heard of Sparklemotion...I'll have a look

Magnus said...

Watch Donnie Darko again and get back to me.

Propellorheads, now there is a name I haven't thought of in a while. I saw them live in Vancouver years ago. Good show. This an exerpt from Wikipedia's entry on them:

After touring for their hit album, Will White fell ill. They released Extended Play EP in 1998, and in the song "Props' Vote Of Gratitude", Alex Gifford raps for the first time, explaining to the attentive listener that the band would "be back after this short break". Things subsequently went quiet in the Propellerheads camp. Alex moved to New York and produced the Jungle Brothers 1999 Album V.I.P. In which he raps alongside The Black Eyed Peas among others and Will White provides the drums for the eponymous track. He has also produced a track for Rufus Wainwright ("Shadows") on his 2001 album Poses. White has since released a mix compilation for the Beatz and Bobz series, and he has also appeared as a member of the De-Fex music project.

In October 2003 Wall of Sound commemorated its 10th birthday, and to celebrate, released a two disc album charting 10 years of its pioneering British music. The first CD featured alumni such as Röyksopp, The Wiseguys and Mekon, while Gifford provided a mix CD for the second disc. Surprisingly the first track on that disc was a new song by Propellerheads featuring British rapper Livingroom Johnston, entitled "10 Years", a cool, laid back funky tune with a catchy riff, that might give an indication about the Propellerheads' forthcoming album.

Gifford and White have reportedly been close to finishing "that difficult second album" for a while now, but have scrapped material they did not believe was fresh or new enough to warrant release. Their next album will apparently feature duets from Rufus Wainwright and k.d. lang among others, but WoS has no projected release date.

Their song "Take California" was the first song ever used in an Apple iPod television ad.

Duets? Hmmm... not liking the sound of that.

Peter T Chattaway said...

Hey Magnus, didn't I go with you to that Propellerheads show? I do know that I saw them at some point -- at the Town Pump, if I'm not mistaken.

Magnus said...

Yeah, it was you me and Greg and Joy. The club had been renamed Sonar by then. That would have been the only time.
Unlike their best known song, Propellorheads do not seem to have a history of repeating.