Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stuff and things

We are still in the midst of Operation Organize Our Sh*t.
It involves...well...organizing, putting things into bins on shelves in a labelled way so we can find them, and getting rid of a lot of junk. About 3 years of it. I've made a huge dent in the basement and my craft room and our bedroom is nearly complete. J is redoing his basement studio and I am trying (feeling somewhat like it's in vain) to organize the sub-basement. It's full of so much kind of have to make a huge mess in order to clean it up properly...but it's coming slowly but surely. Still much to purge.
If only we didn't have 2 van seats and a van bench stuck in the middle of the basement (GAH) I'd be a bit further along... Still tho - we will keep organizing and getting bins and purging as needed. I've been repainting our dresser to match the bedside tables Dad and I made and it should be ready to go back by the weekend in to the bedroom. That will do for starters. Bit by's kind of never ending, but really really necessary. It may take me all winter, but I am determined to organize the basement and eventually our closets and pantry so that they're not just random piles of stuff. Perhaps move the workout stuff down there eventually...
Soon I'll be pulling out all the Christmas stuff...and purging some of that too. Cuz really...a lot of it is just stuff I feel obligated to keep but don't like. I'm so over that stage of my life...

I keep wondering as I come across stuff - where the hell did all this junk come from anyways?