Longest week ever

This week has just seems so very very LONG.
Yesterday, after an extra long day at work, I got to come home later but got to treat myself with a bit of seafood. J isn't a seafood fan so whenever he works late and misses supper I have a some...last night was some prawns with mushrooms, red pepper and onion with ginger and garlic and some rice.
So. Good.

Then I put a coat of black paint on the speaker stands I've built and primed and relaxed with my kittehs. The shelves look really slick painted up. One more coat and they're good to go. I love painting...I get it everywhere, but I love it. For the record, black paint washes off really easily. That dang primer from the shelves is still there on my legs tho. Seriously...4 scrubbing showers now and it won't come off...sheesh. At least I know it's good primer! :)

I may or may not have to work tomorrow (I find out today) but I have plans for some more organizing on the weekend. We have a whack of books, old VHS and clothes and stuff to give away that we've purged, so I need to drop those and the recyclables off on saturday and do some more purging and organizing.
Counds crazy I know, but it's so...cleansing. For so long I've felt out of control and with school and life I never had the time to really work on my home. Now, I can pick away at it here on my own terms and really go thru things. Instead of looking around and being frustrated at all the little things I keep meaning to get to, I am actually getting to them. Things in my life I don't need or that are not what I want are being removed. And, most importantly, I have my craft room back. It's not organized yet, but I had no idea how important it was for my sanity to have my space to make crazy stuff in. I love making stuff...it gets my brain all smiley and sparkley on the inside. :)

Best of all? December is tomorrow.
Oh yeah, it is! That means I can officially lift my self imposed decoration ban and start whipping out the holiday decorations. Hee hee! By next weekend, when my Dad gets home from visiting my sister I hope to have them all up.
I plan to invent some peppermint candy cane cupcakes for family dinner on sunday. I found a box of candy canes in the pantry while organizing and I have to bring dessert, so we'll see what I can come up with. I have cream cheese for icing too so they should be good. I'm not sure if I should make them red or green tho (or green and white marbley maybe?). I don't know how edible a green cupcake would seem.


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