Cold. Snowy. Dark.
This time of year it's dark when I get up and dark when I go home. Just another month and thankfully the darkness recedes again, but it's still gloomy. I am happy that I can avoid the holiday shopping madness, but I still am feeling like it is february, and it's (gak) only november. This real life business is odd...I have time to think and scheme and find I often have to reign in my mind as it can wander too far to places it should not be. My brain is floundering I suppose. After doing elaborate science non stop it's hard to equate making bread or painting furniture to my mind as acceptable substitutes, never mind just sitting with a book and some tea. Come December I can go mad with christmas decorations, but until then...well gnawing at the back of my mind is the fact that I really need to get to publishing my papers from my thesis and focus on my life more. Academically, the university I work for is going through a huge transition, and I fear that I will be swept up in it and find I do not belong or want to be in it all when the dust settles. Or I could love it here even more.
Meh. Poor me and my under-stimulated brain.

For now...2 hours left until I can flee into the dark snowy world for the weekend. I am quite looking forward to a weekend of warmth and wine and relaxing with J.
Yes...that will do nicely for starters.


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