I survived a US christmas shopping trip to Minot with my muminlaw and reward for surviving their crazy shopping frenzy was to be finished my christmas shopping for the family along with getting some nice work clothes and a few cool things that I've ever seen before (like a Gir blanket and Gorillaz shirt). No annoying christmas music yet too, thankfully, and time to find tasty foodstuffs you can't get at home...including gingerbread oreos and almond joy coffee creamer (drool). Spent most of my time following them around, drinking coffee as they shopped like demons. Somehow managed to get free wine every time we ate out...which helped me stay sane thru it all.
My only real goal was spending hours in my new favourite store - Hobby Lobby. It is a ginormous craft store...everything conceivable for sewing, crafts, baking and specialty tools of every sort. I now have leather punches and fabric and paints and lots of things for future creative ventures...even a few christmas robots.  I am currently fixated on 1950s style robots at the moment, or as J would say in a 1950s style newscaster voice - rowbits :)
We managed to beat a giant 2 day blizzard going down which conveniently stopped again the night before we came back. It was a nice drive. I must say though, I have no desire to shop for a very long time...and I so very much am glad to be back in J's sane and handsome company.

Only goal in the next while is to make some spiced ale for christmas and enjoy being home.  Starting to get festive in spite of myself :)


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