Open letter to Iomega

Dear Iomega,

I have had 2 external hard drives from you, and both have failed after a brief use in the exact same in they are useless bricks. Your "warranty" appears to be fake and I cannot get any customer support for a replacement unit so far, although I will continue to try my best. The first time the store it was bought from was good enough to give me another unit, but now they will not. After going to your website for help I have learned that I could pay $25 for technical support and likely be told to go away ( or call a number that redirects me to your website or try emailing in a technical ticket for support on an item you say may or may not be under warranty, even though there should be at least a 1 year warranty on it. Since it was a gift, I have no receipt and highly expect that you and your horrible company will tell me I have a very expensive door stop. I may end up playing macguyver and drop the drive into a new case to try and get it to work so I am not totally out a few hundred dollars...which I have not done yet since it would void my (ha ha) warranty.

Suffice it to say your company and your products are of very poor quality, and from what I can find on the Internet you have a record of inferior products and terrible customer support. If you cannot assist me, I will ensure that everyone I know is aware of your utterly awful products and service. I will never buy another product from you again.



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