Appetite suppressant

Glorious weekend up at the lake. My Dad is away visiting my sister in Ottawa so J and I had the place to ourselves. Fireplace and wine and snow and fog, with some grilled cheese and croissants and fruit thrown in for good measure. It was gorgeous. Only about -7, with lots of fog to coat all the trees in a thick frost and glisten in the sunlight. We even got out for a hike one afternoon to somewhere J's never been before and saw lots of bunny tracks and even (thankfully a day old) wolf tracks. No bears or elk, thankfully. It was a great weekend away. The first time in ages where we had nowhere else to be or things to do but just be together. :)

Only odd thing while up there -My dad's friend used to be a conservative MP and I'm sure it was him who gave my dad a 2013 Stephen Harper calendar. Yeah, you read that right -a whole year of charming photos of Stephen Harper and his family all smarmy and posing for the camera. It took all my willpower not to burn's not mine so I didn't,  but I do want to insist Dad does the same with it. Instead, to calm my brain, I tucked it away and placed a 2013 wildlife federation calendar out in plain view where it had been. I refuse to have a calendar of that man up. Yeesh. The fact that such a thing exists, is just...well...really? What kind of an ego puts together a calendar like that for someone other than your family? I would assume my Dad's friend didn't want it or gave it to Dad as a joke...I hope so. Because really, even if I were a supporter of the conservative party I wouldn't want that man smiling at me every month.  It hangs right by the kitchen table. Way to kill your appetite.


the Bag Lady said…
Sounds like a good dieting solution.

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