Remember Much Music Big Shiny Tunes Compilations from the 90s? I do. They started when I was in university...which dates me I know. They had some good songs on them...I remember owning a few on CD. I think they're still kicking around downstairs somewhere...

As a fundraiser for the local community run Broadway theatre, they had a great event last night. Local bands and artists did covers of tracks off of Big Shiny Tunes 2 and proceeds went to the theatre to help keep them going for another year. Rockabilly, punk, country and soulful versions of Bran Van 3000, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, Blur, the Tea Party, Chemical Brothers, capped off with a beat poet rendition of Marilyn Manson's Beautiful People. All totally different than the originals and all really well done. The event ended up raising 9000 for the theatre to keep it running for another year. It was a great night

This is why I love the community I live in. Yes it's a smaller city in the frozen wasteland, but the arts and music community is thriving here.


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