discordian radio at it's finest

I've gone on before in the past about the KLF and how fantastic they are, and what that bunch of crazy artist musicians did way back when, when sampling was forbidden and a car could be a Timelord and the Justified Ancients of Mumu made some great music, doctored the tardis and burned some money.

Some guy (JMR Higgs) has written an ebook about the KLF and interviews and little bit about their life. The author has set up an online broadcast, Radio Eris, starting November 23 for 15 days, reading chapters form the book along with random sound quotes, poems, music and weird randomness. We've had it on at home lately to listen to it all. Last night's Chapter 6 excerpt was really interesting...a lot about Doctor Who and how the KLF Doctor Who track came to be. Really interesting perspectives and odd takes on things...J, who is enamoured with both the KLF and Doctor Who was over the moon. I heard snippets as I primed and painted in the basement and was impressed as well. I look forward to reading the book. I need to dig out my KLF CDs for a listen...

If you are interested, or want a little oddness in your day, check out Radio Eris for the next while. Or the KLF. Or the book.
Or not.


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