Slow Train

Very shortly I will be off on a little mini adventure to the great metropolis of Winnipeg to visit with the ever wonderful Grapecat and her parents for the weekend. She is home visiting from the UK and I'm giggly that I can take a few days away to see her. Strangely there are no direct flights there from here, so instead (for about the same time and way less $$) I will be taking the train there. I haven't taken a train in Canada before, so I'm really excited. I am loaded up with library books (reading for fun!) and snacks and music and my lappy and looking forward to a nice relaxing trip there and a great relaxing visit. I just have to do all my chores before I go, mail off my taxes and set up some algorithms here at work so I can log in and run some while I'm there and not miss a thing being away for a few days (I love technology!).
He hee...
So excited :)


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