Easter rocks

Mmmm...my fantabulous Easter weekend included:

-2 whole days off
-sleeping in both days
-LOTS of wine and cheese
-hugs from my Dad
-napping and reading in the sunshine with J
-Cat snuggles
-giant omelete
-pewter mugs full of ale
-couch cartoons
-homemade apple crisp with iced cream (Yes I made it. Yes it was the best thing ever)
-canoodling of the highest order

Ah yes. Geo saw it all...and it was good.
I feel positively normal :)


Trent said…
Over here I:

a) Got dog sick

b) Slept downstairs so as not to disturb anyone with my wheezing and coughing and snoring.


Oh, yeah, and I bought Portal 2 and played it for a few hours when I couldn't sleep.

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