3 hours is a good length of time for some things

What a day.
What a week.
Last night due to spectacular technical failure (stupid me. Stupid Word)I was up until 4 redoing hours of computer work (references and nit picky stuff) on Evil Paper #1 so I could hand it in this morning. I had hoped to have more time to devote to the summary talk I had to give to the other grad students as part of my MSc credit class, but it ended up being more of a wing it. The paper is quote good though. I'm pleased. And the talk was not something I was terribly worried about. I had planned out what I wanted to say and had lunch to go over and tweak my slides I'd prepared a while ago and add a few in, so it went well. I was more concerned about how I'd perform on 3 hours of sleep. I stayed away from caffeine to avoid sounding like a coke head when I spoke, but I need not have worried. How can I do with 3 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row? Quite well it would appear.
I find it strange at how blase I am now at public speaking. Other than my very quiet voice (I'm learning to talk louder) I really don't mind speaking in public about something I know well. It's small talk and chit chat that terrify me. This talk was a piece of cake. It went well. Someone brought little tiny muffins. I was chuffed :)

And now, I must survive my daily duties and some cell work so I can head home. Home to do some reading for Evil Paper #2 and most likely fall asleep on a soft thing as soon as I've had a bit to eat and slow down a bit. It's been one helluva week. One more to go and the insanity should lift. I am SO looking forward to a bit of a slowing down...I can catch up on data and writing for my committee meeting end of May. I'll have lots of time for it, so I don't feel too stressed about it. I know I'm literally doing all I can so noone will even begin to question my work ethic :)

And now, my good peeps, I'm going to "the hood" for an hour and then home home home to where my bed is.
Much love to you all...


westwood said…
Have you discovered the god that is Mendeley yet? I swear, it is shaved off 1/4 to 1/2 of the time it takes me to write papers.
Geosomin said…
oooh - THANKS!
No I haven't.
I've actually been hunting for a good reference software as I need to start attacking my thesis soon....I'd sort of settled on endnote, but was miffed that I would have to pick between mac and PC. This looks fantastic and works with both.
westwood said…
And it's better... the functionality is 971985719857819x times that of endnote. Plus it backs up your database online so you can access it from ANYWHEREZ. And make groups to share papers (and working paper) with colleagues.

Gosh I sound like a company rep. I should really contact them and start getting paid for this...

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