Yes. Quite. Ahem.

Oh let the heavens ring with my joyous shrieks and the ground ricochet with my wibbling....I'm done evil paper#2! I worked on it all weekend and was up finishing the 186 references (it was an 18 page monstrosity of knowledge) until 5 AM sunday, but it was handed in yesterday along with my reading list. I am officially done the academic portion of my MSc.

Giggedy :)

It was a long exhausted day and I went home after work last night, at a normal hour no less, had the best falafel pita and mug of Harp I have ever experienced and ended up going to bed ~7:30...Ah! Slept like a baby rock all night! This morning I was up for a swim and it's back into things.
What a relief to be done all that! My committee meeting has been set for the end of June so I have lots of time to get things done. It will be nice to slow down for a bit...
The image above is by Mike Mitchell. I really like his art...check it out if you have the time...


westwood said…
As I'm sure you expected, I love the image.

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