Max and Mary...and me

I stumbled up on the neatest film last night.
Max and Mary.

It's an Australian claymation film about a sad 8 year old girl who decides to randomly write someone in New York. Her eventual pen-friend, an obese Jewish man with Aspergers, writes her back and the film follows them and all the light and dark parts of their lives for 2 decades in their quirky way of writing. It was brilliant. If you are looking for something totally unique, and very real, track this down and watch it. It's funny in spots...quite dark in spots...and thoroughly unusual and interesting. I enjoyed it.
I also enjoyed a whole night off like a normal person. There were grapes. And tacos. But not together. And a new snacky addiction - Popchips. Mmmmm....All this week I've been coming home as early as I can and trying to remember what relaxing and being normal feels like.
I find I've almost forgotten how which is really bizarre...but not quite. I need some normality to remember how to entertain myself when I have free time...I find myself giddy just having the free time. It's ludicrous.

I am also so very proud of J. The cooking show he does is now shown nationally on demand now. It's really well shot and original...and he's been shooting some emergency preparedness videos for the city of Saskatoon and they are full on pro quality - I'm married to one talented guy :)

I must get back to the lab...I'm doing some stuff for my MSc and some labwork for someone else as well...a little extra $$ for some pretties.

Have a great weekend everyone :)


westwood said…
Popchips are terribly addicting. Deliciously so.

I want to check out that film now.

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