Thank god for arm warmers...

How cold was it this morning?

-41 C with a windchill warning.

I wore a balaclava and 2 pairs of pants with all my kit to wait for the bus this morning...brrr.
Now it's a mere -32 with the wind...should warm up to more human temps by thursday.

This weather this time of year is so random. I mean, last week it was +2! We have a 4 foot icicle of doom hanging out on our front corner of our roof from all the melting. It's super spikey danger cool. Once it is less frigid I'll get a photo of it.

All this chill makes me reconsider reducing my fat layer over the last few years.

Hmmm...I wonder how much pudding I'd have to eat to bulk up by the time I catch the bus home?


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