Letting off some steam

Today is a made up winter holiday. "Family Day".
J, working for a large national conglomerate, doesn't get the day off, but I do. And I really should be working on my MSc, but you know what? I just plain don't want to. It's been a long dreary february and I think I'll just brew up the last of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee I have and settle in to read a book for a while. I will be good and do some things about the house eventually, but there is something to be said for being a normal human being for just a bit.

I got a bit of "normal" on saturday, and I want some more. As of today I've finally recovered from quite the saturday. It was a friend's birthday, so we decided to have a potluck on saturday. As it turns out, her and her partner had just gotten engaged the night before so it was quite a happy gathering of tasty food and drinks, which somehow advanced from a mellow food and movie gathering into a full on house party of epic proportions. (Personally I blame the drinking games and the Kraken spiced rum). After losing the drinking game at least twice, I vaguely recall making everyone newspaper hats and then a few hours of epic dancing about and grinning, before I ended up, true to my usual form, napping quietly in the corner as the festivities continued around me.

Yes...quite the night. Nick and Jessica were thoroughly and properly celebrated. I had a lot of steam to blow off and yes, I feel sufficiently vented. I came out of it, quite miraculously, no worse for wear. A little warmth in the midst of a long cold month.

And so today, against my better judgement I may just settle in for some coffee and Kraken and a good book.


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