Newsflash - FRUIT IS EVIL!

Yesterday at afternoon coffee break as I ate a grapefruit, someone actually asked me "why do you eat so many fruits and vegetables anyways? Is it because you're exercising all the time?"


I replied "After trying them, it turns out I *like* some fruits and vegetables. I really like apples and grapefruit. They & nuts are my favourite snack now. "
(I had an apple at lunch and a banana after my morning workout too. And a salad with beans and chicken at lunch...and there were blueberries in my cottage cheese this morning too. Oh dear god! The sheer amount of fruit!!!)
Then they said "But you had an apple at lunch too. That's so much fruit. Doesn't all that exercising make you hungry?
I said "Yes. I eat lots of healthy, high protein food and I'm satisfied."
Then they asked "but don't you exercise all the time now? You look way different than before"
I said calmly" No -I just exercise consistently. 5 days a week whenever I can for an hour, weights and some cardio. It's part of my day now. I feel great for it"
They looked confused.
I ate my grapefruit and coffee. And fumed...

I am still annoyed at how me exercising and eating healthy actually annoys people. I make a point of not talking about my exercise ever unless someone asks and I simply eat my healthy food happily and quietly. (And yes, I eat a lot of it. It's delicious) I just can't figure out why it is so unusual to eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day. How is that a bad thing?

I just don't get why someone else feels guilty watching me eat well. Why they are confused. It's not like I've said anything to anyone about my choices to push them on anyone. J and I eat healthy now, but I still indulge in what I choose to. This weekend we had croissant sandwiches and I made some of the best raspberry scones I've ever made. With ice cream. For breakfast. YUM. I just make all I can from scratch, from healthy foods. We both feel great.

But, apparently I am a freak for eating too much fruit.
I give up.
banana anyone?


Pacian said…
"Somebody... doing things differently from me? Liking different things from me? No, something isn't right here. Must investigate."
Anonymous said…
I bought lots of tangerines today... they have more flavour than the clementines Mum usually buys. I thought if I had one of those where I might otherwise have had a biscuit, it would be a good thing. :-)
Geosomin said…
That's what I figure. Better an apple than cake...

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