Rawr! I am the clutterbeast!

Yesterday I relaxed supremely, along with getting a LOT done about the house. My house is now all homey and inviting again -not a train wreck of clutter with random fluff and crumbs everywhere and papers scattered about.
Most importantly-there are muffins.

Tonight I can work off the kitchen table (which you can now see the top of) and sip tea as I start typing up drafts of my first assignment of the semester and get down to business with the long stretch of writing, reading and data munching and crunching that will fill my next few months.
I am ready now to dive in with flippers on...:)


the Bag Lady said…
I need to stop relaxing about the house and start getting some cleaning done!
Glad you've had a bit of normal lately - everyone needs that once in awhile.

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