"so very hungry..."

Last week I pulled a muscle in my arm at the gym. Nothing too serious, but the healing of it does ache when I sleep on it wrong and it's still limited in motion for a while yet. I'm being kind to it.

Often when I have aches like that they work themselves into dreams. While visiting my Dad this weekend I did lots of lifting helping him unpack and my arm ached all night as I slept (restlessly). And so I had a vivid dream of a zombie onslaught, trapped in a wooden cabin with friends in which I had my left arm, where I pulled the muscle, bitten by a zombie. I spent a lot of the dream trying to figure out how they could put me under with the least amount of stress for all involved before I went all zombie on them, and as my arm throbbed from the bite I began to look at my friends in hunger. Not irrationally...but I strangely gained a deep inner hunger...starting to consider their tasty limbs...and brains...it was very disconcerting. I woke up thankfully before the hunger took me. Very wierd indeed.

Yesterday, I think due to exhaustion and the arm healing, I had an insatiable hunger like that in the afternoon that persisted all day. I honestly felt like the master in season finale of the 4th season of Doctor Who. It wasn't until I got home in the evening and devoured HALF of a small ready roasted chicken from the market that I actually felt like the deep hunger for what my body needed was finally filled. Yup- just meat with a tiny potato. (I'd like to add that I *did* use cutlery...)
And then, since J was working late, I just went to bed and I slept. All night. Guess protein and sleep was what I needed...hmmm...run down much, ya think?

Not the most romantic valentines day I've ever had, but when you're run down and famished and healing, sometimes a tasty chicken and sleep are the best thing for you, next to the delicious brain-parts of 1 or 2 of your closest friends. ahem.

And today is another bizarre day.
Much to do. Less ache. Less hunger... but much work.
Here's to another day full of narrowly escaping the loony bin my friends.


Anonymous said…
Eek! (Runs away). You would probably always be better off with chicken, though.

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