Good riddance

I dislike february. It's usually the point of winter where I start going slightly mad from being inside from the cold and the winter wind. It's when the -40C temps hit for their last hurrah and I can be found some mornings on my way to the bus muttering and shaking my fist at the sky while bemoaning the wind and snow. This weekend I could be found in this state as I shivered waiting for the bus to work on saturday. Our car is feeling under the weather and until it's fixed, there will be extra spots of waiting in the cold for transit. Hopefully she won't take too many nickels to get running again. It's as tho the cold and dark is starting to affect inanimate objects as well. :)

I was somewhat hoping that being busy as hell this year would somewhat reduce this Februariness, but I'm afraid it's just made me more curmudgeonly. Instead of taking walks as I usually do for sanity breaks, I am left to resort to the internet and other indoor things. It is not ideal -the annoying thing about being busy all the bloody time is things sort of all blend together after a while, with the exception of the odd precious day off spent in blissful slothfulness. Work becomes life. I find it difficult to keep working after a long day of already working and while working, I have trouble not just stopping for a while because I feel like it, as I know there's no real end in sight, so why not really? Mostly it is becoming increasingly tricky to not get sidetracked on the internet in the middle of something useful, be frank, I'm always bloody working. I take breaks when I can, but often it's just my brain wandering in the hopes that I won't notice and rein it back in. Often it takes a bit for me to get back to things and I waste too much time...or more often as of late I say f*ck it and don't come back to it at all...
Not good for getting work done.
Thankfully there is still the odd bit of quality distraction. This weekend I was able to sneak out for a bit with J on saturday night. My friend Theo's comic shop had it's 2 year anniversary, and so after to celebrate, he had a few local artists have a "draw off" in the upstairs of a local coffee bar where J played some funky Jazz and a bit of his own music for atmosphere as the evening's DJ. It was a nice evening relaxing with friends while watching a giant piece of art develop on the wall over the course of a few hours, which was then raffled off to charity (I lost. pity.). I was very proud of J. I will post some photos once I get them off my was a nice night.

Another small amusement has been my discovery this morning that, for the first time in 7 years, my hair is just long enough to pull back into a ponytail.
It's a little thing, but I'll take it.

Goodbye February. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Bring on March...


Glad to see that you're still writing, I've been away.
Here in Whateverpeg February has been horrid..a few warm days to tease and then WHAM back to -35 it's so depressing.

Every Winter I wish away Jan & Feb & Mar until I can escape to Mayheeko. Pretty sad when you look forward to going to a place where part of the hotel exploded and people are gettting bit by sharks in knee deep water.

I need to find a better way to waste..Hibernate! Man those Bears are smart.
Anonymous said…
When it's that cold, I don't know where you get the energy to do anything at all. I could feel myself grinding to a halt when our heating went off. Brr.
Leisa Dreps said…
Ugh, talk about the weather. Winter seems to hit its coldest as years pass by; and the summer heat will be really hot for the next years or so, according to experts. What happened to your car? Is that the same car that has a spider on the passenger's mirror? LOL! They say the battery is a little sensitive during cold weather so better check them during winter.

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