After working with someone all day wednesday who kept sniffing and clearing their throat, blowing their nose and effectively spreading their germs all over the computer and papers we were working on (not to mention breathing all over me repeatedly...gah!) one of my supervisors finally admitted they're sick and is home today (finally). I kept asking them if they felt unwell and they kept insisting it was dust or the hot tea they'd just drunk -doctors are the worst patients. It is true.
It tried my best to not rub my nose and wash my hands a lot, but really - it was like living in a germ bubble. Blech.
I'm a bit of a germophobe, so it was starting to bug me. When I get a cold it lasts forever. If I could have politely worn a mask I would have...I don't have time to get sick and do my best to stay healthy.

So I think it's safe to say that if you give me about a week to incubate I should be sick then too.
Grrr...stupid other people and their stupid germs...


the Bag Lady said…
Quick, take some zinc tablets!! It helps if you take them soon enough.
(oh, wait, is my germaphobility showing?)
I, too, spent some time with someone the other day who was spreading germs all over the place, but I came home and dosed up with Vitamin C and (I hesitate to admit this) ate a whole can of smoked oysters (because I didn't have any zinc tablets and oysters have a lot of zinc, apparently.)
After choking down the oysters, I made sure to buy zinc tablets on my next trip to town. Eating a whole can of smoked oysters is great when you've been drinking beer.... but a whole different story when you're sober! :)
Pacian said…
My boss is terrible for coming to work sick. Wouldn't be so bad if he'd ever heard of a hanky.

"If I could have politely worn a mask I would have..."

Really, it's the sick person who should wear the mask - something which I understand is common in east Asia.
Geosomin said…
Today he blew his nose in a handkercheif and then, while still holding it, took papers from me and leafed through them, holding them with the hankie and licking his finger as he flipped the pages.
Why yes sir, I'd love to have your plague back with these notes...grr.

Anonymous said…
I found it frustrating too... somebody would come in looking like death warmed up, as though he thought we would never survive without him.
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