yay - we did good

We've had family with us since thursday - J's Aunt and Uncle and cousin and her baby boy. It's been nice to visit with them, and our house was once their house, so they are very much at home. They're great guests and we've missed them since they moved to Vancouver, so it's been nice to catch up with them...

It's J's Aunt's 60th birthday in a few weeks and we thought since EVERYONE happened to be in town this weekend for the Jazz Festival we would surprise her with a party. We managed to arrange a big surprise 60th party sunday afternoon.

It went so very well - tonnes of friends and family (~60) showed up and it was a gorgeous day of BBQ, visiting and relaxing in the yard and house. Our/their house was always the "party house" where all the gatherings would be and it was so great to have a party of our own there...she was completely surprised and absolutely thrilled, especially to have it in her old home.

Today I am exhausted, but happy...We got to see some shows at the Jazz Festival over the weekend and now that the big "surprise" is over with I can relax a bit and try and fix my silly internet problems (I hope).
Have a great day all ! :)


Corey said…
That is a sweat story. Very nice of you two.

I'd find it strange to come "home" again with someone else living in the house. Even if it was family.
grapecat said…
yay! well done :)

ours too went well , the only fly in the ointment was that we couldn't find ice anywhere and since we had presumed our local supermarkt would have it, we didn't stock up ourselves.

this has taught me that you actually do need ice, and lots of it for pimms. so my pimms was a complete fail but everything else went swimmingly.

i, too, am knackered, but we are on a strict sightseeing schedule with all of the various family. when they leave i will sleep for at least a day.

have fun!
the Bag Lady said…
How nice of you to do that for J's auntie! And how cool to have it at her old house.
You are a very nice person, Geo!!
Anonymous said…
That must be great, knowing you (J's aunt) haven't completely lost a house as it's still in the family! Sounds like it was all great fun.

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