Things to do this summer

I've got ambitious plans for the summer....oh yes.
Here's my list of all the things I plan on doing before it snows...

-Scrape, prime and paint my house trim, windows and back deck
-replace front deck with one that will actually let us walk on it without putting our foot through (again...) OK this will involve my Dad...
-put up tile backsplash in kitchen (again Dad)
-refinish kitchen cupboard doors (with advice from Dad)
-reorganise craft room
-build glass panels for kitchen cupboard top when we seal them in for the new range hood (me, but Dad will put in) in my organised craft room
-install new range hood and (meep!) gas stove (Dad range hood. Nice gas man for stove)
-replace arborite on kitchen counter (Dad)
-replace kitchen tap (leaky and ungly) (Dad)
-Hang our pictures back up from when we painted
-reorganise basement
-sell/give away old washer and dryer (anyone want it?)
-build/paint new bookshelf for basement (Dad and me)
-help J set up his studio downstairs where the computer used to be
-reorganise computer room upstairs

Amidst all this, I plan on going camping twice a few weeks, and going to see my parents at the lake a few times, along with having house guests around Canada day for a few weeks. And I will owe my Dad so many favours it will be rediculous...

Can you say busy?
But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)
I had to make a list over the weekend to get it all down, and figure out what we needed to buy/order to get it done. Luckily we've saved up to do these things and so I've got some of the starting materials...need more paint and have to order the tiles, but we actually picked them out over the weekend. From here on in it's beg my Dad for a few weekends of his time and then go hardcore to get it all done. I gave away our old BBQ the other day - that was nice. Kijijji is a handy thing! It will be nice to do all this though...we've ignored the outside of the house to fix up the inside. So NOW it's time to get at it. I'm pumped.
I got out for a nice run this morning and it has me ramped up for work and play...I'm going to see if I can carry this buzz through the whole summer :)

Incidentally, did you know they make a martini that tastes exactly like a sweettart candy (my fave)? Yes it's true...I had one this weekend at a nice little lounge after the play we went to...listening to electrofunk and nibbling tapas with scrummy martinis...delicious :)


Pacian said…
I'm just planning on putting my feet up. That counts as three things on my list: one for each foot, and one for 'up'.
Anonymous said…
What do you do at the lake? Sounds exotic; we never meet people at the lake here. :-)

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