Hee hee....we're so sneaky.
We put on a surprise come and go tea for J's parents last night and they had NO idea :)
We just had some desserts and snacks and drinks at the local community centre and a little slide show and invited all their friends. We even did up some went very well. Pretty much everyone we invited came and the place was full of happy chatter and nibbles...we kids did well. :)

Funny thing is, it turns out J's mom doesn't like surprises that much...but she calmed down and had a nice time, once she realised it was all casual and we were all there to celebrate 30 years with them...tho we promised no more surprises after this :)

I brought tonnes of leftover squares to work today so my coworkers will love I must be off and earn my sugary coffee break.
Have a great day everyone :)


the Bag Lady said…
I love putting on surprise parties. Have never had anyone throw one for me, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it much - I hate being the center of attention.

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