Last night I worked late. LATE. LAAAAAAAAAAATE. 15 hours all together... BUT the world gave me a present in it's all good.

I biked home from work about 11:15 last night. It was a hot day (~31) and a bit muggy, as there had been a thundershower in the late cooled to ~20 degrees by the time I headed home. And on the way home with J I saw something I've never seen before - fireflies. LOTS of them. Honestly, they were everywhere you looked - by the grass after the train bridge and the marshy area on the right of the path on the way home. J biked to work to meet me and we biked home together - and it really was magical. We stopped a few times to just watch them fly all around us...there must have been over a hundred in total, with 7 or 8 lit up at a time all around us, up close and in the distance. J says he's never seen so many before. I've never actually seen ANY before and I've wanted to...such an amazing experience. I felt like a kid again...:)

Fireflies are beautiful. They're like little flickering embers flitting about in the sky...

Yay life :)

After a long sunny walk to work this morning, I am quite happy about all things at all places everywhere all at once.'s all good.
Here's a snip of what I listened to walking to work this morning...and, yes that's Tammy Wynette in the KLF song...AWESOME yes? :)

Have a great day!


the Bag Lady said…
I love fireflies, too! I can still remember the first time I saw them (just a few years ago) - we were camping, sitting around the campfire late at night, and they were all around us. It really was magical!

*note to self - go camping again soon, because they'll be gone before too long!
Magnus said…
Did you cry out, "MaL!, Zoe! Take us with you! Take us with you!"
Missicat said…
Love fireflies! Reminds me of growing up in the summertime, chasing fireflies on our front lawn. *sigh*
Anonymous said…
I don't think we have fireflies here... the nights are so cold (even now, in the middle of June) and they would have killed them off.


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