Monday, June 15, 2009

My car gives me the gibbleys

Don't get me wrong - I love my car. It's a Protege 5. The car I've always to drive and yellow and has been named Screaming Yellow Madness in honour of the many road trips already taken in it.

However...we have guest who has decided he likes our car as much as we do. And I want him gone...yes, there is a freaky ass white albinoish red eyed long legged creepy crawley awful little spider who has taken up residence in behind our passenger door mirror.

I HATE spiders. Hate them. Bleah blech patooey. Having one near my mirror...that occasionally casts webs around the passenger side mirror and peeks out a bit sometimes while we're driving around...
gibbley gibbley gibbley gibbley....

I mean, what if we turn a corner and a wind gust catches it and blows it into my face? What if it creeps down the window well and pounces on my arm while I'm resting it happily on the window ledge as we drive? This has turned pleasant passenger journeys into trips filled with where is that thing? He's not coming out is he?

On saturday I almost got him off the car. So close. He had creeped out and was sitting on the edge of the mirror when I was getting in the car, but the little cretin must have crazy glue on his tendrils, as I tried to brush him off with a piece of paper (what? you think I'd actually touch it?) but he managed to scramble a grip and retreat back in behind the mirror.

I have declared war on the little white thing...if only because I can't drive everywhere (it's just safer for the general public - trust me) and I can't really relax as a passenger when I remember the little guy is in there and I want to put the window down...I'm looking into ways to get it out of the mirror. I don't want to kill it. It doesn't have to die - I just don't want it near me. Or my car...but most specifically me. Especially my mouth.


Just thinking about it right now gives me the gilbbleys.

gibbley gibbley gibbley gibbley....


Corey said...

wait him out. spiders don't have a long shelf life.

diddums said...

There were a couple of greenflies in the car with us yesterday - maybe that's what he's waiting for. ;-)

jovialj said...

ewww, i so know what you mean... thats what my hsband is for. emergancy spider removal man.

especialy the mouth... i so know, now ive got the gibbleys!

Pacian said...


*runs away screaming*