Thursday, June 25, 2009

Decluttering 101
Yesterday was spent organizing and decluttering and cleaning our house. Company is coming today for about a week...AND we're hosting a big shindig on the weekend, so the house/bathroom/kitchen have to be *that* kind of clean...and we haven't really been home for days.
While away last weekend, as part of our grand schemes, we got a lot of organising materials - places for things to go. Actual ways to organise things. Scary I know...but it feels good. AND because my lovely J is doing the organising part it will actually be organised AND will stay that way as HE will know where everything goes and not just me :). J has promised to do a rush organising of the basement today (his domain), and then once company is gone we can actually get nitty gritty with all the shelves and books and such. It's contagious...we're doing it one area at a time and doing it thoroughly - and not skimping, not just tucking something away somewhere for later - this is hard core organizing of the likes of which we two have never seen before.

I have a kitchen table -I can SEE the TOP of it :) And my kitchen is GREAT now (ready to be renoed by Dad in the fall, plus more functional now that it isn't full of junk). The bathroom and bedrooms are good to go and the living room looks very spiffy (it needs a few pictures on the walls, but hey, it's organised and clean:) ). We need another bookshelf and mores storage doodads but we're on our way. Looking around the house last night made me so proud - we have a beautiful home. It may take us all summer but by god we may someday soon be able to find things when we need them. It's the clutter that has always driven us mad...and the fact that it would always continue, as we didn't really have places for things to go. But we're working on that. Bit by bit. For real. Pinkie swear.



grapecat said...

piglu - hee hee.
funnily enough, we've been doing the same thing - n's family descends - the canadian contingent tomorrow, then the brits for a big bbq/party on Sunday. it better not rain - they won't all fit inside! it's good to get tidied, isn't it? we keep saying to ourselves, ohh this is lovely - why don't we do this all the time?
well because it takes a week and we don't have the bloody time that's why, but, hey, one can dream :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, and it does make you feel good when something has been bothering you for ages and you manage finally to do something about it.

I keep starting and stopping, then starting again (decluttering or organizing)... but I suppose it's still progress!

Corey said...

love it. where are the piguins?

the Bag Lady said...

Love the pigloo!

Good for you for getting organized - I vaguely remember how great it feels. I was organized once upon a time....