Now we're cooking with gasoline

My new stove comes today...I hope it will be my friend.
It'll be a little while before we can have it installed, but I can't wait. It has to sit in the corner of the living room until we run the gas line and have a few things done to the kitchen (tiles and such) but it's all that more real knowing it will actually BE here soon and I can hug it and squeeze it and I can call it George :)
Gas...convection oven...So. Cool.

AND it's friday.
AND I'm getting my hair cut.
AND you're cool...:)


the Bag Lady said…
Way cool! Is it one of the fancy ones with the built-in grill on top, and the warming drawer under the oven?
My SIL has one and it's great!
Anonymous said…
What am I missing out on? (Ears prick up).
trent said…
Just be careful on the install of that gas line, eh?
Geosomin said…
OH yeah -I'm paying someone to do that. There is *no* way I'd do that myself...

Thanks for the positive vibes :P
Magnus said…
Just remember - I demand cake. And yes, I want to eat it too.

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