Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My own personal (drunken) cheering squad

Yesterday was the last day of high school here...and there were lots of proms last night. On our way to see Drag Me To Hell (an amusing little film- if you liked the old film Army of Darkness then go see it) there were many people all spiffed up and walking around.

This morning while I was out for a run down by the weir I ran by a group of girls and guys still going strong, laughing and talking and watching the sun come up. I asked them if they had a good night and they emphatically told me that yes they did and that they were glad to be done school forever. I smiled and on the loop back home they were still there and I smiled and they started cheering saying "run run run run woo!" while they took swigs from what looked like bottles of rye.
Ah be that be tipsy enough that you can drink straight from the bottle and think it's not half bad after all. They were very happy...made me smile.


grapecat said...

remember those blissful days when hangovers were just something you read about in raymond chandler novels...

the Bag Lady said...

Awwww - makes me wish I were a few years younger......... or not.

I can vaguely remember staying up all night, drinking. I think it was last week....