So. Very. Tired.
I went to see the Watchmen (again) last night with a friend of mine. I really enjoyed it....it's a very good adaptation of the comic book with only a few changes that I can live with. It stood up to seeing it twice. A bit graphic but overall -fantastic. I am not dissapointed.
Man, I can't seem to wake up....but at least I have nothing going on tonight...so I can relax. Probably fall asleep doing whatever I'm doing :)It'll be nice.
I think I'll go have some more coffee...
If you hear some snoring, just bang some pots and pans together to wake me up OK?


Redbush said…
Maybe it's the weather that's making you tired, Geosomin. I tried banging some pots and pans. Did you hear them?
Pacian said…
I'm interested in seeing that film, but I'd want to read the comic first, and I already have a stack of books beside my bed that's *this* high.

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