Blah blah blah

First off: It's -31. With the wind it is -43.
What the flying frack? It's March. Enough. 20 degrees below seasonal norm is a bit more than I can take. My little brain is revolting. I had just made my peace with it being a bit cold. Today is too much...I should not be in ski pants and have my hair in a frozen frame about my bundled up head by the time I get to work anymore.

*breathe deeply*

There...had to get that out.

How are ya all this fine subarctic morning?
Me? good. This weekend was Telamiracle, the provincial fundraiser for $$ to help handicapped and those with special needs and their families. It goes for 24 hours and is on the TV. J volunteered time as camera guy this year, so I tried to come and watch a bit of it. They raised 3.8 million dollars this year - fantastic. I'm always so happy at how this province bands together to help out others.

Other than that...not a lot to say. I'm currently into origami, excessive amounts of Earl Grey tea and muttering about the weather. I did get my nephew's wedding invite in the mail - squeee! Needless to say we've replied already. I can't wait for May-an old friend may come to visit whom I haven't seen in over a decade, and then it's off to visit some old friends J and I haven't seen in years...then my nephew's wedding! I have never been out to Ontario to visit since my sister and family moved out that way about 10 years ago. After I'm staying to visit and hang out in Ottawa with the family....I can't wait. I'm hoping to get to the National Gallery while we're there. J has to go back as he doesn't have as many holidays as I do, so I'll be on my own spelunking about Ottawa. I'm very excited. Just gotta keep it together until then..
The song Warrior's Dance off the new Prodigy CD has me itching to run. Alas...not on a day like this. I even have spiffy new running pants. How longmust I wait? How long?
Soon I hope...


the Bag Lady said…
I'm jealous of your spelunking in Ottawa. Go visit my brother for me, would ya? :)
Geosomin said…
Heh should send me a handwritten note and I could pop it in his mailbox...something like "I was just in the neighborhood and popped by" and see how he reacts. :)
Rimshot said…
Isn't it just the best when you have great things to look forward to! :-D

Yay you!
Anonymous said…
You sound so breezy... I love that. :-) (Suddenly overcome by a wash of bloggy affection).
I'm a wimp. I didn't wash my car this weekend because it was "too cold". It was "only" 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it was cloudy.

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