Meep meep

So...sniff...BSG ended. And it ended well. I was pleased by how it all wrapped up. And I will miss it. It was about the only show TV I've followed the past few years, so now I think the TV will gather some dust...this is not an entirely bad thing I think. Lots to do this summer. Spring has to come soon...there will be much to do in the real world.

Like this week: This week will be consumed by bellydancing. 3 recital practices and 1 regular class...and some more practicing in there at home somewhere...and then (finally!) the recital on saturday.



MaCanuck said…
Dollhouse. Just went from okay to wow. I know you're not looking for new shows, I'm just saying. You can watch the first few epiosodes on Hulu, and best to do so, as it won't make sense otherwise when you hit the wow episode.

Anonymous said…
Cool...I was interested in it but it was on the same time as BSG...perhaps the dist will have to wait...

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