This post was brought to you by the letter B and the number -29 (that's celsius kiddies)

Diddums tagged me with this a while back and it slipped my mind, until I saw The Bag Lady with the similar meme challenge.
What is it you say? Well, you are given a letter and you must think of 10 things you like that start with it and why. I was given the letter B. Here we go...

1. Bellydance -
yup that one was easy. I've become hooked on bellydancing - the feeling of it, and the strength of movement I've acquired. I can do things with my torso and hips I never thought I would be able to, and I am getting to the point where I'm doing (eep) a solo at the end of the month. With any luck, I will not suck (that rhymes...hee)

2. Bollywood - so help me I love bollywood films. They are musicals with a side order of cheese...and usually the costumes are beautiful and the dancing makes me smile. Sometimes even the singing is good too. Usually cheesy love stories with people occasionally stopping to break into song or screw in the light bulb. Nice.

3.Bucky balls - Buckminster Fuller developed the geodesic dome, a structure based on a truncated icosahedron molecule made from 60 carbon molecules. It's the most stable form of carbon clustery and it just looks cool too...technical name is buckminsterfullerene. *ahem*

4.Botany - having moved to a house with lots of windows and all day sun, I've gotten fascinated with plants. My first job after university was working in a plant genetics lab, and I acquired a green thumb there. In university plant biology seemed pretty dry and boring (no lungs or squidgy bits to be seen) but as I worked with plants I found that I love greenery and plants and someday my garden will be a lush oasis. Plant development is fascinating - a single microspore develops into a basic cell, which, depending on the hormones present, can turn into any part of the plant. It's why they're so hardy. And they make energy from the freaking sun! Can you do that?

5.Bananas- I love them..sliced, frozen, in smoothies, with tahini on name it. Then there's all the bakery you can make with them...mmm...

6. Betelgeuse - It is the second brightest star in the constellation Orion (my favourite constellation) and the ninth brightest star in the night sky. Betelgeuse is a red supergiant, and one of the largest stars known. I've spent a lot of time lying on my back staring at the stars..this one in particular.

7. Books - I love getting lost in a new book. I can laugh, be carried away to another world, learn about the life of someone I admire...gain new knowledge. My imagination is a great place to hang about in...

8. Beer - God help me, I like beer. Not the wimpy lagers...but the full flavoured stouts and ales. Fruits, flavours and things combine to make a delicious tasting yummy beverage. I've even delved into the brewing of it all...and my Strawberry ale was a resounding success. You can even cook with it in place of wines. Some people prefer wine...I'm OK with it, but for me, a fine beer surpasses any wine. If you don't like beer, you just haven't found the right one yet!

9. Breakfast - I'm a sucker for breakfast. I like breakfast for supper. Breakfast for lunch. And of course brunch :) When else can you make elaborate concoctions with eggs and bacon... and then there's pancakes too...and Johnnycake...waffles...crepes...french toast...I could go on but I'm getting hungry. On the weekends I love spending a good hour making a decadent saturday muncheon...makes me happy. It's the most important meal of the day you know :)

10. Battlestar Galactica (new series) -(OK I'm reaching's hard to think of 10 things). I have enjoyed this show a great deal - layered characters, legends, science, apocalypse and an ancient religion. It's got a complexity of story and characters that is very rare. I will miss it when it is done in (sniff) 2 more episodes...intelligent drama is so rare...

There you go. If you'd like a letter to try, let me know...I'll pick one at random and send it your way...


the Bag Lady said…
Beautiful job, Geo!

I like beer, too.

(and my word verification? brood.)
MaCanuck said…
A few years back, there was some hullabaloo that they were going to change the name of betelguese. Good to see that it is still betelguese and not Alpha Omni 010456035.
Geosomin said…
11. Beastie Boys

How could I leave them out...? :)
Anonymous said…
I thought of things I left out too! I think 'Racing Frogs' was one.

Bananas.... adore!

I have a little botanic specimen sitting on my desk right now, reading your blog. It's bright yellow and calls itself a... (what was that?)... oh yes, primula. :-)

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