City of Ember

Well, I had a nice relaxing weekend and I'm feeling a bit better.
J was on nights all last week, and it was nice to finally just hang out and just spend the weekend together. Besides making some tasty foods and reading a lot, we rented City of Ember, which I'd recommend. It's a kids film, but it is really high concept. Sort of a modern day Logan's Run, in that a society has failed by destroying the world, so they build an underground city for people to retreat to and live in for 200 years until it is safe to come up to the surface again. The builders leave behind instructions on what to do when the time is up so the people know how to get back to the surface...only over time the message becomes legend and the instructions get misplaced. Suddenly it's been longer than 200 years and the power and food supplies are waning...what to do? A few people find the old plans and try to follow them and find out what is going on and how to get up to the surface.
This never made it to our theatres, which is a shame. It's a good story with no violence or easy outs-full of creativity and ideas. If you get the chance to rent it do, it was very imaginative.


the Bag Lady said…
Thanks - that does sound like an interesting movie. I'll keep an eye out for it.
MaCanuck said…
Was on the short list for last night, but passed it up for Get Smart. Not complaining. Not brilliant cinema, but fun. There was lots of little touches that made me chortle. Like Patrick Warburton at the end. I like how they made Max competent and bumbling at the same time.
Anonymous said…
That is a film I still have to track down and see...thanks for reminding me.
Pacian said…
I am tempted by City of Ember. It looks a little Marc Caro-esque.

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