Mmmm Mmmm time for pie

Well, last night I finally used up the entire flat of peaches we brought back from an orchard in BC when we were on holidays. They all went ripe at the same time, which was delicious, but believe me - a flat of peaches is a helluva lot of peaches.
So I made 4 peach pies last night from an old family recipe (from J's Aunt Lynn who cooks all things delicious)...even the crust was from scratch (please hold your applause). They've even got little latticy crusts on top and it was all I could do to stop from having a slice for breakfast this morning. I'm excited, as I've never acctually had peach pie before. I always resolved I'd wait till I had good fresh orchard peaches and make one some day, but till now I never got round to it.
And so, tonight is pie party night. We've called all our friends to let them know of our excess pie situation and hopefully they'll come over to our place tonight and have some pie...cuz god knows I can't eat them all by myself.
Although I'm willing to try...


Moominmama said…
i am so envious i have not the words.
grapecat said…
oh MAN!!!! Air ship some out? with one of those vacuum seal packs or something? Nah? DAMN. curses. I'll just have to drown my sorrows in some local ale down the pub instead.(would go better with peach pie.)

"'nother pinta bitt'r please shuuuur"
RC said…
i remember peeling and freezing peachs with my mom one hot summer.

i bet those pies are awesome!

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