Why do we fall?

OK...I'm still sick, but I think I'm a little more on the level, with time to think and sneeze and rest a bit.
Sometimes you take a good look at yourself and realise there's some things you don't like and aren't proud of and have to work on and it's a more than a bit daunting. To realise there are things at faul personally can be a shock to the system and I'm a coward, so dealing with personal issues can be very daunting indeed. I'm not at any destination yet, but I think I'll figure out a direction soon...maybe even dig out a compass from the desk and have a go at it.

To quote a wise old butler "Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves up."

So I'm going to pick myself up...and go make a pie.
Yes, a peach pie. With BC peaches.

Later. Thanks for the thoughts guys...


Pacian said…
I thought it was his father that said that.

P.S. I think you are perfect.

P.P.S. That should have read 'mostly perfect'.
Anonymous said…
Aw...thanks :)

Hey...whattaya mean mostly?
Anonymous said…
I know this post was about personal issues but I tend to feel they are strongly linked with the state of the world today, and as the last item makes me despair, I tend to feel not all that much can be done about the former...

(Coughs weakly and gloomily).

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