Monday, August 27, 2007

I caught you a fish but I eated it

I had an FANTASTIC weekend at the lake.
I got to visit a lot with my folks, playing cards and dominoes and staying up late joking around drinking rum and coke and munching on rice krispie cake like when I was little (no not the rum, just the cake...). I got to cook with my Mom a lot and we ate yummy delicious things all weekend (like blueberry calories exist at the lake). Best of all, it didn't rain, so I went out fishing at Heart Lake with Dad and J. It's a small lake a short portage from the end of the lake where my parent's have their cabin. It's a nice ride down to the end of the lake and a short hike through the woods, past the old trapper's cabin to Heart Lake. We spent a lovely cloudy day out on the lake in a little boat watching the loons and pelicans and listening to the wind through the trees and hearing the rapids gurgle into the lake, smoking cigars. The fish weren't interested in being our lunch much, but we did manage to catch 3 fish, which was enough for a tasty supper. Both the fish I caught struck the hook right at the edge of the boat, scaring the bejeezus out of me. Heart Lake is rumoured to be ill luck by the local native was only reinforced a while ago, when the trapper who used to live at the cabin got very ill, and when he tried to wander out to get medical help in the midst of the winter he got lost in the woods and kept coming back to his cabin, and was found in the woods later - he is buried there by what is now the ruins of his cabin, as it was where he'd spent his life. It's spooky, as I never told J this legend and on a previous time we were there he went off hiking into the woods and kept being brought back (no matter the direction he went) to the cabin. I told him the omens about the place and the story of the trapper when we went to see the gravesite afterwords and he got goosepimples over it all. ooooh...Spooky nootchies. Despite this, I've always found the place to be very beautiful and peaceful. I find it reassuring he kept being brought back to the cabin...I like to think the trapper is there looking out for us, keeping us from getting lost. He was said to be a kind man who kept to himself, so I can't se why he'd get all grumpy after the fact...:)

It's been ages since I've gotten to go and relax and visit my parents and have such a nice time. There were no plans or obligations and it was so nice to just relax. J and I even got to go for a 2 hour hike through the woods and up to the beach at the middle of the lake. The cabin is one of my favorite places in the whole world and I haven't seen my parents in ages, so it was a good weekend. I always feel refreshed (and way too full) after being there.
Good enough to jump back into the great big workld and get busy on my few days here before I (yay!) get to go back again for another weekend...


elasticwaistbandlady said...

Oooh, you watched the loons? I only get to do that during the shopping frenzy at Christmastime.