Wednesday, August 01, 2007

fashionably unconscious

It's very hot today.
What did I see in the hall?
A student in a miniskirt, and high heels with LEG WARMERS.

Leg warmers?
People, I remember wearing those in the 80s as a keep my legs warm...after skating.
Not in the hall at uni with heels. Next thing you know big hair and neon will be back... (or is it and I"m just not paying attention?)

Am I getting older or do I just have no sense of style?
I prefer to think I have a bit....but this sort of thing, like a toque with a brim - well it worries me.

Someone asked me the other day "what is your style?" which I replied "well I jsut wear what I like". It's true. If I see something I like I wear it.
I'm sure I'll be a batty old lady with mismatched socks and funny hats when I'm older, but hey - I'll be happy - and I won't overheat in some silly fashion trend...


Trent said...

"Am I getting older or do I just have no sense of style?"

Why choose? You can be both.


Diddums said...

I saw leggings on a shop window dummy. "Leggings??" I queried. "I thought people hated leggings - I heard enough girning about them last time, both during and afterwards."
"Everything goes round in cycles," said worldly-wise Mum.

I just wonder why we haven't cycled back to long dresses and bustles yet...

I'm likely to perish of overheating anyway, as I have a habit of continuing to wear coats and jackets long after everyone else has peeled them off and left them at home.

Corey said...

Your reply to whats your style can be "free style".

Leggings are in baby. You know how brown was the new black. Then black became the new brown. And old black became the new black. Grey was still grey, but red was now orange and green moved to California. Leggings are like that.

Magnus said...

The kids love the eighties. Ever since this misbegotten 80's craze started to rear its ugly head in the late 1990's, some nob has been trying to bring them back.
PEOPLE! The 80's sucked harder and longer than the 70's. Whatever was cool about the 80's isn't making the comeback - it is all stuff that sucks. Stop living in the eighties and aim for a less sucky today!

Pacian said...

Yes, I am taking fashion advice from bear-head girl.

Corey said...

So sad, I liked the 80's.

grapecat said...

In London 80s fashion has been everywhere for a year or so - it's like shopping in some kind of time-warp. This time around they're calling leggings "footless tights" as if simple pedantry will disguise the horror. It is just not on.

Magnus said...

If it were a revival of the 1880's, I'd be there.