If you had a pair of pants made out of potato chips, *then* you would have a party

I have baked 4 zillion cookies. And let me tell you my friends...they are good!
I'm eating one as I type this. Given that I am bored, please find the following as I try to amuse myself:

What's Going on in My Life Right Now

Current attire: Blue jeans. Striped wool sweater, black specs, work boots/winter boots (and cookie crumbs)

Current mood: Bored. Not a lot to do today.

Current music: "Christmas in Frisko" webcast from Soma FM. A bizarre mix of all things Christmas.

Current annoyance: People who talk during films. I realise there is less and less of people being in theatres, and more renting - or maybe movies aren't such a big deal anymore. i don't know, but to me a movie is a big deal. I have a kickass system at home and if I wanted to stay home and watch a film I would. But when I pay to see something in a theatre nothing wrecks it more than some idiot yakking to his friend through the whole film. *sigh*

Current thing: Painting a christmas present for my sister in law. It has to be mailed tomorrow if its to get there in time so I gotta finish it (ah procrasatinations sweet company!)

Current desktop picture: A photoshopped picture of me as a jedi fro the Star Wars party...it's all sketchy and abstract.

Current song in head: Staunton Lick by Lemon JElly.

Current book: "What Einstein Told His Cook". A cookbook explaining why things happen by a biochemist. So very cool.

Current video in player: A blank tape with the very final 7th doctor episodes on it ("Battelfield"). It was on BBC kids late last night so we taped it...man the last few 7th doctor show were fantastic! Dark stuff.

Current DVD in player: Princess Mononoke. Watched it on Saturday.

Current refreshment: coffee and a sour cream cookie (Mmmmm)

Current worry: How do I get my Christmas presents to my brother ad his wife on time. If J goes to Edmonton to visit his friend for a few days, will he be safe on the roads. I worry too much.

Current thought: I should put up Nana's Christmas tree soon. I've got lights slathered all over the downstairs, but out big tree still isn't up - I haven't had the time. I suppose I'd better get on it if I'm going to.
And apparently I'm a green anarchist democrat...Hmmm...how I can be 17% nazi is puzzling. I am pleased that I'm even less of a republican than I am a nazi though!

"What political party do your beliefs put you in"
Green 100%
Anarchism 92%
Democrat 92%
Socialist 75%
Communism 67%
Fascism 25%
Nazi 17%
Republican 8%
There. That killed at LEAST 10 minutes.
OK...back to the lab.


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