From the mouth of babes...

Soooo... I had a birthday over the weekend. It was a good one - having a birthday near halloween has always been great. I spent the day with my husband (our first day off together for a long while - very nice) and the night before we went out into the woods with some friends and lit a fire and toasted mashmallows and drank coffee and watched the moon. It was great, although I ate enough sugar to keep me up all night! It was a beautiful night with so much natural light and not that cold. A friend of mine was dressed up in full fireman costume for the halloween party he was going to later that night and it just made the evening better - he does firebreathing as a hobby and he brought his gear with him. He shot off quite a few fireballs in to the sky...very cool! I'm amused noone came to check it out or called the police...rural Saskatchewan can be cool that way. Our firebreathing friend ended up going to the party smalling of smoke and kerosene - so authentic. I still think it's great that the old uniform he got at a surplus store had a badge that said Sgt. Cox...heh heh heh :) I know, I know. Beavis & Butthead would be proud :P. Nothing like a great evening with friends to make you remember why life is so great - a good birthday over all. One of my faves in fact. My lovely hubby got me the ubercoffeemaker of my grinds the beans and boils the water before brewing and keeps it warm in a steel carafe all! Jittertown here I come!

Anyways...I wasn't feeling old (I *am* only 32 after all) until I was back at work a few days ago and a coworker had me fill out a survey for her daughter's school project. In the age category part of the sheet there was 10-20, 21-30, 31-55 and 55+. I stopped and blinked "Thirty one to fifty five??"
I'm now officially really old to all kids everywhere. One step away from senior citizen in fact. Man what a blow to the ego...:)


Byrun said…
Happy Birthday doll.
trent said…
Ditto. Except the doll part. Too italian for me. Let's see:

Happy birthday, toots.

Naw, still makes me sound like a wannabe mafioso.

Happy birthday, wuggums.


Happy birthday, you.

Nope. Too impersonal.


Happy Birthday, Love Goddess of the tenth realm of Azuar.

Perfect. Now go drink some coffee and watch some more Dr. Who; you didn't want to go to sleep tonight anyway.
Morbo said…
Strange human lady that works with dead people... Morbo commands you to BLOG MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!

AND Trent, get a webpage that works, sheesh.
Trent said… works. It's just horribly out of date.

Heather promised pictures of her in some sexy outfit or something; I'm just hanging around waiting for that...
Anonymous said…
...and still waiting

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