Evil Bono

So I was watching Shaolin Soccer again yesterday (so help me I love asian films..the humor is different).
We were watching the final soccor match and J said "hey-the head guy of "Team evil" looks like Bono!" And so help me he does - an evil asian Bono.
Anyone else notice this or am I going crazy from winter isolation?
This movie is a howl...I mean seeing the various translations on the versions we've rented is even better..the Team Evil has "Special training" which in the version we first rented was "American Steroids" and later on PPV was just special training...the fact that Team Evil *is* called that and *1s* so Evil is fantastic. I hope this guy makes many more films.

Now I have to rent Kung Fu Hustle tonight...


kellywalters said…
Your going crazy from winter isolation.. sorry dude..
Evil Bono said…
I am evil bo-NO! I am evil BO-no!

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