What to do?

This is going to take some getting used to I think.

I feel as though I've had a full weekend and there's still a day left :)
I've done hours and hours of yardwork (and could do more but quite frankly I refuse to do any more until it cools off), cleaned the house, done laundry and still had time to do loads of relaxing things. I got to spend a whole evening with an old friend and catch up and see her new house. After a really good breakfast meeting with my supervisor where I hashed out how to plan my defense speech I spent the rest of the day doing lots of fun and necessary things. Visited my brother for a bit, hit up the farmer's market for some fantastic local veggies, sourdough bread, yogurt and a bottle of locally made rhubarb apple wine (very scrummy...I'm waiting until it's officially noon to have another glass!), and then headed out to pick up some good work clothes. I have a serious lack of professional-yet-casual stuff, but I managed to find a few shirts, pair of pants and some really comfy style Clarks dress shoes were on sale 60% off, so now I have 2 pairs of lab appropriate dress shoes (closed toe closed heel) in brown and black for work (SCORE!!!). I love Clarks shoes...they're well made and fit me really well, so I am really glad to fonally have some decent work shoes. I've needed these for a while now. I hadn't planned on getting any but it was a good find - it really kills your professional vibe to wear trainers with your office attire :)
Last night had some fantastic baked fish with oven roasted balsamic root veggies with fresh basil for supper and hung out with a friend watching Bruce Lee movies and drinking Harp. Was going to go out dancing because a great DJ was in town but I just stayed in instead. Really can't complain about the weekend :)
This AM after sleeping in (despite both cat's incredibly annoying attempts to get me up early) I finished the weed trimming before it got too hot. Now, after a good breakfast and some coffee I'm trying to figure out what to do with my day. J doesn't get back till later tonight so I have all afternoon. There's some things here and there I can pick away at, and then...What to do? What to do? I could start on my defense speech...but I just don't want to...
Decisions Decisions.
Perhaps I'll start with that glass of wine and see where it goes...


Anonymous said…
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. I always like to go hiking if I find myself with time and no obligation, but the heat (if I had any) might stop me, if no cool woods nearby.

And congrats on getting some useful clothes, I need to do some shopping, but hate it - probably residual feelings from when nothing would fit right.

I wish I was successful at ignoring my hungry cat alarm clocks, but their snooze button is broken.

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