Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So quiet

Just kissed my luv bye as he headed out with some friends to Ness Creek for the weekend. Other friends are off to Motion Notion. I'm chilling here. I have to meet with my supervisor coming in from TO and altho I'd rather be there with them, it will be OK. I"m glad J isn't missing out on things because of me. Plus I have some boring chores to catch up on, and hope to hang out with my friend Heather who I haven't seen since comic con and catch up for a day or so. Add in some sleep and destressing and some science and it should go by pretty quick. It's just so...quiet. And no thesis to work on. And J left tonight instead of tomorrow, so's quieter a bit sooner than I thought it would be...

Quiet is good though.
Now that it's no longer a zillion degrees out I can mow the lawn and settle into a nice glass of wine and relax. Given the stress of the last few days, and my going in to a boot camp fitness class early this AM to vent my stress in a positive way I have a feeling I'll sleep like a baby...I'm not starting on my defense presentation until I have an actual date. So...for now it's just me, the cats and some burbling ale and wine.

The bed is all MINE! Muahahahaaa!