Hooray for tiny hats

We had a great weekend away. I packed as much as I could into a few days...and wish it had been longer
We saw many old friends and caught up on their lives and met many new ones. So much is new...
My friend Paul (an engineer) has designed himself a rollercoaster and returned from his New Zealand project. Terra is in the midst of her large animal vet tech training and loving it. Shane has advanced his glassblowing to new levels with a hotter torch and his life has rebounded form rather hellish to optimistic for the first time in years. Shwag has left automechanics to become a sound engineer. Bungee and Joanne have a new fluffball husky dog. Cheyenne has returned from a 6 month excursion to Columbia with many stories to tell. Joey and Erin have a new baby. Other friends have gotten engaged. I finally met a friend's fiance who is is a lovely and talented geneticist. We even camped beside some guys from Germany (Felix and Neals) who randomly picked the festival off the internet and came to Alberta to have a relaxing funky time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was rather cute and hilarious to see them rabidly and utterly enjoying chopping wood for the first time...we were quite well set up with firewood for the weekend once they were sated. They had a great time as well :)

It was hot HOT and humid during the day, and cool and funkadelic at night. There was great music and wonderful people...and it was far far too short. I do love festivals...combine camping with music and great people and it's just a brilliant combination. Sadly it is the only festival for me this summer, but I feel I've enjoyed it as properly and thoroughly as I could. I dressed up as gaudily as I could...and found a most excellent tiny hat to add to my collection of ridiculous party accouterments.

I must tell you...it's like I've been underwater for so long and got a chance to stick the periscope up and have a look around in the real world again. So much has gone on in the lives of so many people I care about while I've been buried in thesis...it was good to catch up on them just a bit.
We came to realise that with the crew we had we could easily survive an apocalypse and rebuild the world. I have the honour of knowing many great people. :)

And I have a little tiny hat. :)


the Bag Lady said…
Glad you had such a great time! (I arranged for the weather to be good for you....)

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