OK then. No more avoiding it (well after his he heh). Time to work on my defense talk.
Yesterday I racked my wine into the carboy and bottled my IPA -which if the mouthful I got while siphoning it was any indication it should be quite tasty. I used low sugar for carbonation so it shouldn't be too fizzy...just the way I like it. Yum. The wine is done fermenting too and not too bad either. I sucked up some berries when I racked it despite my best efforts so it will have a few more rackings before it's bottles but at least I can ignore it for a while and let it sit...maybe bottle it closer to my birthday in October. We'll see.
I finally  ran across some thai black sweet rice last weekend when I explored the huge chinese grocery on 20th, so I made up purple rice pudding with it yesterday. Yum. It's like regular yummy rice pudding only it's purple form the rice and the rice keeps it's texture more than some rice does when it's cooked all day, so it is my favourite way to make rice pudding. Rice pudding is one of my favourite things...it is both fantastic and evil to have 3 L of rice pudding in the fridge. I need to get a smaller slow cooker so I don't have to make enough for an army. I plan on nibbling off it for days. Yum.

At any rate, I should work on my talk a bit. J has to work all afternoon so I can get some solid work done. Tonight we shall wander downtown and see the final Batman movie. Been looking forward to that for a while...
Time for learning and pudding :)


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