A trip to freak out city

I've gotta admit it - last night I started working on my defence speech...and it's already starting to freak me out. I have a basic outline and places for info to go, but I only get 20 minutes. 20? How to I introduce something technical and complex, describe my work and all my results in just 20 minutes? That takes planning and a lot of revision. I hate revision.
It's gonna take time. I want it to be good.
I need to just pick away at it like I did my thesis. I know this, but...well...I'm not one for writing speeches word for word. People keep telling me I need to practice my speech over and over again beforehand. Really? I have never done that before without it being a bad thing. I have no issues giving an actual speech...but all the prep is just...well I'm puckering up just thinking about it.
I now have a pretty outline and nice ppt template and am trying to plop the info that is most important in to slides so that I can tweak it and send it to my supervisors to look over...and then fill in the words for each slide.THEN I get to read up on everything related to my project, including my thesis...my thesis is somewhat concept driven so I need to be able to have technical areas covered while sticking to what I feel are the important conclusions.
Because after this speech each reviewer gets to pick my brain for 20 minutes a person...so I need to know my shit so they don't catch me unaware. I tend to blather nonsense when I am unprepared - but am spot on when prepared. It's 2 and a half years of my life in a meeting.  I refuse to blow this.

I am greedy. I want to spend time doing frivolous things this week before getting back to hard work next week. Then I will work hard

Because as I do this, all the while I am moving into a crazy time for my new job. I have not really had much of a holiday this summer and I am feeling it. Up until now it was just a long endless strive to get my thesis done...now this.


I suppose I'd better get to it then huh?


Pacian said…
I'm a frequent visitor to Freak Out City. If you're ever eating out there I know some good restaurants.

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