So close...

Well then. Spent all weekend at the lake visiting Dad, mostly editing and proofing the thesis. All bloody weekend. Thankfully the weather was not conducive to fishing so I don't feel too let down, but I worked hard. Barely got outside at all. Not quite enough relaxing but I am proud to say I have a final FINAL proof for my thesis. And it turns out I am very proud of it. My anal retentive supervisor is going over it once more this evening and if all is well (it damn well better be) I can send it to committee tomorrow before I take a few days off and head out to Astral Harvest for a few days of dancing in the woods with great music and old friends. I need to blow off some steam before I explode.
I am trying very hard not to worry and am crossing my fingers that everything is fine so it will be in to the committee and off my hands. I have been burned a LOT as of late, thesis wise, so I can't really relax until my thesis is submitted and in. After that whatever the hell the university does with it and when I defend are in their court. I've done my part. I've been promised a defense in the last week of August and I am expecting it.
Since I'm leaving the damn province on thursday for a few days my supervisor still wanted to do a once over of the thesis before I send it off (grrr... SO picky) I wanted to have tomorrow to make any changes he finds (which I'm sure there will be at least a few) and then send it off. Knock on wood that he will only have minor things and it will be off to my revisors. When I handed over the printed copy today I felt very proud. It  really looks good. It reads well. I went over it line by line with a fine toothed comb. I debated phrasing...I gave it my best efforts. Its probably one of the best things I've done and I really don't feel as though it could be any better than it I am happy. I've seen a draft of my contribution to the greater good is real and in print...all 126 pages of it :)

Now just trying to relax a bit, try and cheer up my man and plan a bit for what to take camping and maybe a movie. I am supposed to be off work this week after all...


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