Tucker and Dale VS Evil

College kids go camping in the woods...near a cabin of hillbillies. Suddenly they start dying one by one...sound familiar? Well Tucker and Dale VS Evil takes a hilarious twist on this horror standby - the hillbillies are just some guys out fixing up their cabin on the weekend and somehow these damn college kids keep dying in ridiculous ways all around them.

This movie was showing as a part of the Dark Bridges film festival here in town over the weekend. Because I was a school slave I missed most of the festival this year. I did make a point of sneaking out to the zombie walk on saturday afternoon (zombie scientists represent!) which was a howl, with about 300 zombified people of all ages shuffling around downtown and over the bridge. The reactions of people cracked me up - especially the people who tried to pretend you weren't there. I mean really - to pointedly ignore 300 zombies hamming it up for all they're worth, covered in fake blood? THAT takes effort :)
Sunday night I made sure we took in Tucker and Dale VS Evil. It was a cheesy gore comedy that made me laugh until my sides hurt at times. It reminded me that life is good and was a little reward for my slavery. That and my lemoncello which is finally bottled. Had a little sample on sunday - SO. GOOD. Thanksgiving will be filled with lemony deliciousness I think!

And so I'm back to the insanity again. Yesterday was a 19 hour long day. Today is more of the same. You've gotta take the fun when it comes...I'm slaving away for Dec 1 - my committee meeting where if I manage it I hope to get permission to write, and then it's whole up with my thesis all winter.
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